6 Can’t-Miss Titles to Watch on Topic This Spring

Ahh, spring. The time of reawakenings and fresh starts, planting the seeds that will grow into something beautiful and sustaining. Get into the spring spirit with these Topic stories about new beginnings and rebirths.

State of Happiness

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This seductive drama, which the Guardian calls “the Norwegian Mad Men,” takes place in a remote fishing village in Norway in the late 60’s. 19-year-old Anna is a young career woman on the rise, her boyfriend Christian has broken with his wealthy family’s traditions to become an oil diver, and religious single mother Toril Torstensen is on the run. Enter Jonathan Kay, the young American oilman who will change all of their lives. With the discovery of the largest sub-sea oil basin in history, soon these four young people will realize that the decisions they make now will predict their future. In the most stylish, engaging way possible, this series dramatizes the history-making events that created modern Norway.

Made in Italy

It’s the 70’s in Italy’s fashion capital, Milan, and art student Irene Mastrangelo is finding her voice. She’s done bowing to sexist, dismissive professors and cowering before her volatile blue collar father. To assert her independence and pay for her remaining university costs herself, Irene takes a job in the foreign world of fashion at Appeal magazine. Between Irene’s doe-eyed charm, the drool-worthy fashion include real vintage pieces from around the world, and the complicated relationships at Appeal, Made in Italy is The Mary Tyler Moore Show meets The Devil Wears Prada and it’s pure joy to watch.


It’s always nice to get a fresh start in a new place...or is it? For Parisian cop Chloe, her assignment in beautiful, tropical French Guiana is a second chance for her faltering career. But, her new french Guianese partner seems to hate her, the locals are openly hostile, and her new case involves a brutally murdered couple, their missing young son, and chilling, disturbing rituals associated with a voodoo cult called Iskander. Can she overcome these obstacles to get the redemption she so desperately needs?

Happily Married

Every marriage can get a little stale. In this twisted dark comedy set in Quebec City in the 70’s, the Delisles and the Paquettes find themselves dissatisfied with suburban married life. Grappling with infidelity, resentment, and hostility, some people might turn to couples therapy. Not this group. The couples eventually discover a very unique, do-not-try-this-at-home technique of spicing up their marriages: a crime rampage which includes murder, cocaine binges, and a rivalry with a real criminal organization.

Philly DA

“Philly DA” would make for a gripping drama series, but it’s even more compelling given that it’s a docuseries. After all, you couldn’t write a better character than real life Philly DA Larry Krasner. He’s a hero, a revolutionary or a jerk, depending on whom you ask. But everyone can agree he’s shaking things up as Philly’s District Attorney. Larry made plenty of enemies in the DA over the years, including in his role as a civil rights attorney where he sued the police over 75 times. Now he’s got his work cut out for him as he tries to change the criminal justice system from the inside.

Swarm Season

The spirit of spring is everywhere in this stunning, melancholy, visual masterpiece: from the wild, endangered bees that 10-year-old Manu and her mother collect in the wilderness of Hawaii, to the NASA scientists on a nearby mountain stimulating life on Mars and the Kilauea volcano, rumbling with new life, everything in Swarm Season feels like an awakening. This intimate film somehow uses the hardworking, seamlessly collaborative honeybees as a metaphor for humanity’s own hopes, both on earth and beyond.