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6 Supernatural Crime and Mystery Thrillers

What’s more thrilling than a white-knuckle suspense series about bizarre murders, sinister killers, and race-against-time investigations? All of that plus a spooky, mysterious supernatural element. Why watch a murder mystery when you can watch a murder mystery involving witchcraft, the undead, or a rift in the time-space continuum? Topic is home to a vast library of highly addictive crime, mystery, and suspense titles, but these six are especially hair-raising because they each have a dash—or heavy dose—of the supernatural. Sit back (or up) for some truly wicked entertainment.

The Grave

When an earthquake opens up a shallow grave to reveal three skeletons, everything in the universe as we know it is turned upside down. Detectives Chava and Gabi launch an investigation and are met with inexplicable surprises at every step, starting with the identity of the remains, which belong to three living people: a single dad, a mentalist, and a convict. How do you solve a murder when the victims are still alive? That’s just the beginning of this twisty, logic-defying, and mind-and-genre-bending thriller that raises the ultimate question: what endures through time?

Beau Séjour

Kato wakes up one morning at the Hotel Beau Séjour to find the last thing anyone would want to wake to: her own dead body. Stuck in a limbo between life and death, Kato desperately tries to find answers but most people can’t see her, including her own mother. So what does it mean for the few who can? Are they connected to her death? As the investigation unfolds, shocking secrets start to reveal themselves among the close-knit townspeople, stumping both officials and Kato herself. But she will stop at nothing to solve her own murder.

Sakho & Mangane

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In the heart of Senegal’s capital, Dakar, a series of mysterious killings shrouded in black magic rattle the community. Scary, right? That’s nothing compared to what Commander Sakho and Lieutenant Mangane have to endure working with each other. Stern old-school stickler Sakho and young, brash, unconventional Mangane butt heads at every turn, but they’ll have to back each other up if they want to stop an evil curse. One part buddy-cop comedy and two parts high-octane supernatural crime procedural, the series offers a fresh take on international crime.

Soul City

If you were hoping to partake in Mardi Gras this year but can’t because, you know, pandemic, you can still visit New Orleans...but you won’t find any beads on this side of town. In Coodie & Chike’s three-part horror anthology set in a sinister “Twilight Zone” version of the Big Easy, a child’s imagination has unfathomable powers, you don’t always wake up from your nightmares, and every deal comes back to haunt you. This year, venture out of the French Quarter and explore the darker corners of the city.


What happens when two souls fight over the same body? In this paranormal thriller starring Mira Sorvino and Millie Bobby Brown, former LAPD detective Jack is asked to investigate a string of unusual suicides, which leads him to discover a secret society whose members chase immortality by seeking living bodies as hosts. These “returning souls” battle it out against living souls, and the defeated is sent to the afterlife (gives new meaning to “over my dead body”). When Jack’s wife’s body becomes a target, his mission becomes a far more personal one.

Moses Jones

When a mutated body is found floating in the Thames River, officials suspect ritualistic witchcraft, sparking a wave of violence in London’s Ugandan exile community. Scotland Yard assigns DI Moses Jones to the case because of his preconceived ties to the African community. Assisted by young DS Dan Twentyman (“Doctor Who”’s Matt Smith), Jones’s investigation leads him into a vibrant expat world frequented by the victim’s niece. As the violence increases, Jones will have to confront a dangerous underground figure, supernatural forces, and his own cultural identity in order to stop the bloodshed.

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