30 Titles That Amplify Black Voices on Screen


If you want to discover new Black actors, characters, or stories about the Black experience, we’re delighted to introduce somes titles on Topic that you may not have seen before. Spanning all genres, and including both documentary and narrative films, as well as some binge-worthy TV shows, here are 30 titles that amplify Black voices on screen.

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Soul City

New Orleans lore collides with dark magic in this horror anthology series. Created by Coodie & Chike and starring Chad Coleman, PJ Morton and Omar Dorsey, these “Twilight Zone”-style tales expose chilling corners of the Big Easy.

AKA Wyatt Cenac

It’s no secret that Brooklyn has been changing. Now, the rapidly gentrifying borough is getting the vigilante it needs — and deserves. Created by and starring Wyatt Cenac.

If you want to discover new Black actors, characters, or stories about the Black experience, we’re delighted to introduce somes titles on Topic that you may not have seen before. Spanning all genres, and including both documentary and narrative films, as well as some binge-worthy TV shows, here are 30 titles that amplify Black voices on screen.

Braddock, PA

An activist, a filmmaker, a farmer, and a politician fight to bring their town back from the brink.


Starting a business with your best friend in London — what could go wrong? Enterprice follows entrepreneurs Kazim and Jeremiah as they try to get their delivery service, Speedi-Kazz, off the ground. They know hustle, but do they know business?

Frame by Frame

Celebrated photojournalists explore images of the people and events that helped shape the American experience, and discuss how working with photographs impacts them personally.


Painting a compelling picture of modern-day life, Run is an original drama that weaves together the stories of four seemingly unconnected people facing life-changing decisions in a world where every choice is a luxury.

Sakho & Mangane

Like a modern Lethal Weapon set in Dakar, this series puts a fresh spin on the buddy-cop dynamic. Old-school Commander Sakho must partner with brash, young Lieutenant Mangane to solve supernatural murders perpetrated by a mysterious evil force.

Black Mother

In this documentary, director Khalik Allah invites you on a spiritual journey through Jamaica, from red light districts to lush rain-forests; a poetic, elliptical, spiritual love letter to the country and its people; a chronicle of birth and life.

The Drew: No Excuse Just Produce

Featuring basketball stars Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, James Harden and Baron Davis, this film chronicles the nation's foremost Pro-Am basketball league and its impact on South Central Los Angeles.

Nas: Time Is Illmatic

The story behind Nas's groundbreaking debut album “Illmatic,” and a look at the early life of one of the most talented rappers of all time. Featuring Pharrell Williams, Alicia Keys, Q-Tip, and Busta Rhymes.

The Work

During an intensive therapy session at a California prison, convicts and civilians come face-to-face with the men they were — and the men they want to become.

Birds of North America

Jason Ward has been an avid birdwatcher since he was a kid growing up in the Bronx. In Topic's new series, the avian advocate and father of two travels around the Northeast, delighting audiences with his contagious curiosity about the natural world.

Moses Jones

The discovery of a mutilated body, rumored to be the result of witchcraft, sparks violence in London’s Ugandan exile community. DI Moses Jones is given the case by Scotland Yard and, assisted by hopeful DS Dan Twentyman, sets out to find the truth.

B.B. King: Life of Riley

Tells the story of how an oppressed and orphaned young man came to earn the unmitigated praise of the music industry only to later carry the title: “King of the Blues.” Narrated by Morgan Freeman. With Barack Obama, Eric Clapton and Mick Jagger.

Biggie & Tupac

An investigation into the still unsolved murders of two of the biggest superstars rap has ever produced: Christopher Wallace, aka Biggie Smalls and Tupac Shakur. Director Nick Broomfield puts his own life at risk as he uncovers shocking new evidence.

Jamel Shabazz: Street Photographer

Before hip-hop culture took over the world it was brilliantly captured by New York photographer Jamel Shabazz, whose impactful images of that early music scene defined not only the generation it captured, but all those that followed.

Silent Rose

Based on real students, this uber-realistic portrait of a modern American high school examines the pressing issues that teens must face in today’s increasingly divided society: lockdown drills, disinformation campaigns, and racial inequality.

The Fits

Eleven-year-old tomboy Toni is bewitched by the dance team she sees practicing in the same Cincinnati gym where she boxes. But when a mysterious outbreak of fainting spells plagues the team, Toni’s desire for acceptance becomes more complicated.

Youssou N’Dour

A gorgeously photographed, music infused cinematic portrait of world famous Senegalese pop sensation Youssou N'Dour. Best known in the West for his collaborations with Bono and Peter Gabriel, his legendary career has spanned decades.

12 O’Clock Boys

The 12 O'CLOCK BOYS are a notorious urban dirt bike pack in Baltimore. In this dynamic documentary, their antics are envisioned through the eyes of Pug, a bright adolescent from the Westside who is willing to do anything to join their ranks.

Boys of Summer

In this documentary, filmmakers investigate how Curacao has managed to send a scrappy team of Caribbean boys to the Little League World Series for seven consecutive years.

Bronx Gothic

An electrifying portrait of writer and performer Okwui Okpokwasili and the creative process for her acclaimed one-woman show “Bronx Gothic,” a mesmerizing coming-of-age story, which fuses dance, song, drama and comedy with childhood memories.

Eyes on the Stars

Ronald McNair became one of NASA’s first African-American astronauts, though he died tragically in 1986 on the Challenger space shuttle. In this animated short, part of the StoryCorps interview series, Carl McNair remembers his younger brother.

Sunshine Kings

In the South Sudanese community of Sunshine, a young basketball player sees his dreams of playing for the NBA thrown into jeopardy when he and his friends are accused of stealing a Porsche from an affluent suburb.

This Is Yarra

This is Yarra follows the story of Riyadh Aden and Deng Dut from the Yarra Wild Beasts as they prepare for a basketball tournament, with the hope of taking home their first trophy for the junior team.

First Match

A daughter, a father and a wrestling competition.


A teenager named Xavier leaves baseball practice, and his life is immediately put at risk. By the people charged with protecting it.

Choosing Youth

Age is just a number. A revealing docuseries about three older individuals who hold onto the hobbies of their younger years, boldly defying societal expectations. They don’t let age dictate what makes them who they are.

Sam, Underground

A beautiful portrait of a charismatic young New Yorker, Sam Diaz, who sings in the subway for money.

Swimming in Your Skin Again

In this dreamlike short, the boundaries between humans and the natural world grow thin. Just don’t call it a religious experience.