11 Titles You Need in Your Self-Care Regimen

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In an increasingly mercurial world, self-care is more important than ever—especially after a year of pandemic life. By now, we are all more than aware that mental health is a widespread crisis. So, in honor of Mental Health Action Day, we are encouraging our subscribers and readers to take that awareness and turn it into action: do something good for their mental health today, and every day.

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There are countless enriching ways to work on your mental health, like adopting an exercise routine, breaking up your workday with some outdoor time, or exploring therapy. But as a supplement to these actions, you can also perform self-care just by streaming. We’re rounding up shows and docs that encourage self-love, explore exciting health developments, and spotlight individuals who are overcoming relatable struggles. Here are 12 titles perfect for adding to your self-care regimen.

The Guru Inside You

He may be a false prophet, but he’s been known to teach true enlightenment. In his film, Kumare, Sri Kumare pretended to be a guru and ended up making real change in the lives of his followers. Now he’s back with a series that focuses even more on helping people. From lessons on self-love (it starts with changing the narrative about ourselves) to tips for mitigating loneliness (don’t hold it in or you might get an emotional UTI) and recipes for joy-inducing treats (no one has ever felt less happy after a mimosa), Sri Kumare is here for you.

Chris Gethard’s Beautiful/Anonymous

Sometimes all it takes to alleviate stress and anxiety is to talk to someone. Bonus if that person is as good of a listener as Chris Gethard. Based on his podcast of the same name, “Beautiful/Anonymous” features a different random caller per episode who calls in and talks about whatever they want for 30 minutes. With topics ranging from new love to old ghosts, these conversations reach a level of honesty and catharsis that will make viewers at home want to pick up the phone and call someone too.

What’s Your Ailment?

It’s OK to talk about mental health, and no one does it better than comedian Maria Bamford. Watch as she meets fellow comedians, actors, and mental health experts to discuss depression, anxiety, and other ailments. Through funny, moving, and brutally honest conversations with the likes of Tom Arnold, Baron Vaughn, and Tig Notaro, Bamford aims to destigmatize the subject of mental health and show that, honestly, everyone has experienced an ailment or two at some point in their lives, even the funniest people on earth.

You Are Good at Things

Hey! You’re awesome! That’s the essential message of this short animated film. More specifically, you’re good at choosing donuts, trying on sunglasses, tossing babies, fan placement, and stealthily spying on people’s phones. OK, so they may not be the most useful things, but you’re good at them all the same. Anytime you’re feeling a little insecure, just put this on for a quick affirmation.

Getting High For God?

The higher you get, the closer you are to God? Once associated with the extreme counterculture of the ‘60s, psychedelic drugs are piquing the interest of more and more mainstream health and wellness brands. But what about religious organizations? In this documentary, host Mawaan Rizwan visits two religious movements to see how their believers use powerful hallucinogenics to connect to God. In Utah, he visits the Oklevueha Native American Church, who uses peyote to achieve enlightenment. In Rio de Janeiro, he joins the congregations who use the ancient Amazonian brew ayahuasca in their services. Given how potent and mind-altering these substances are, it might truly be the most effective way to reach the same plane as God. The doc gives new meaning to “church trip.”

This Is the Place

Sometimes all you need for self-care is to be around others. In this four-part docuseries, we meet four very different communities that are like second homes, and chosen families, for their members. From a salon where customers go to get invaluable life advice while getting their hair braided to a voguing house that finds support, solace, and self-expression on the dance floor, this series proves that home is where your people are.

The Work

Watch gender norms and toxic masculinity get shattered to pieces in this moving documentary. Over the course of a four-day group therapy session at Folsom Prison, a group of level-four convicts will go through life-changing transformations. They’re asked to reach down to the deepest darkness of the men they are in order to find a different path and become the men they want to be. It’s clear that some of these men have never felt this vulnerable before, and witnessing them open up with such emotional honesty feels like watching them being released in a sense.


Therapy comes in different forms, and for one woman it comes in the form of connecting racket to ball. In this episode of “On-Topic Shorts,” a tennis instructor who’s grief-stricken in her personal life finds meditation, focus, and peace on the court. Through practicing her serve, she transforms into a formidable force, proving that sometimes you just need to lose yourself in a passion in order to find your inner strength.

Choosing Youth

Whatever your age, you do you. If that’s not self-care, I don’t know what is. In “Choosing Youth,” three elderly individuals hold on to the passions and hobbies of their youth, undeterred by societal expectations and age limitations. With a closet full of the wing-tipped shoes he wore on the dance floor 50 years ago, 79-year-old Bernard says, “I will always be dancing.” Then there’s Danuta, who works at a punk club in Brooklyn and dons glittery bodysuits to inline figure skate. She’s 73. Badass, right?

A Cure For Fear

If being cured of your biggest fear meant having to come face to face with it, would you do it? Neuroscientist Dr. Merel Kindt has discovered a radical treatment that has been proven to completely cure phobias ranging from arachnophobia to PTSD. The only catch is that her patients must have a brief, but intense encounter with the thing they fear the most. This documentary examines her seemingly miraculous treatment, along with the ethical complexities of treating phobias. Are you ready to face your fear?

Hacking Health

Virtual reality limbs, facial recognition mobility, AI-driven exoskeletons. These read like themes in a sci-fi story, but they’re just a few of the cutting-edge technological advancements in the health industry. Meet five individuals who are giving them a test spin. Seeing how this groundbreaking tech has changed their lives will give you a good sense of how they’ll revolutionize the future of health.

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